Welcome to New Zealand Stone Masons Association Inc 2013

The New Zealand Stone Masons Association was incorporated in 2012 by New Zealand stonemasons who have a deep passion for the trade and craft of stonemasonry.

The craft of stonemasonry has existed since the dawn of civilisation creating buildings, structures and sculptures using natural stone. Stone has been used to construct many of the worlds great monuments, artifacts , cathedrals and cities such as the great pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Borobudur, the great Inca cities, Stone Henge, Europe's great cathedrals and castles from a wide variety of cultures.

With this history in the craft and trade of stone masonry, it is vital that traditional skills are not lost but passed on to future generations of stonemasons. As an association we believe in providing members with the opportunity for training and learning to enhance their masonry skills, to foster good working relationships with other masons and the stonemasonry trade. All members are required to provide extensive proof of their ability and skill as a stone mason.

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Applications for membership shall be made to the Association in the first instance. If found to be in order a special general meeting will be held. Please click here to down load membership forms.

Current Members:

Paul Gautron            A World of Stone ltd.                   0272367329.  North Island
Mark Robberds        Terra Forma                                 0275192941  South Island 
Ben West                 Stone Works                                021406514. South Island
Mike Purcell             Stone Werxs.                               0211124512. North Island
Taffy                         Celtic Stone Work.                       0212482339. North Island
Chis Palffy               Albany Stonemasons.                  0274909274. North Island
Len Lavis.                Auckland Stonemasonry.             021921344. North Island
Martin Kiel.              Kielstone.                                      0274519411.   North Island
Robin Dalton           Southern Stonemasons.               0211677749. South Island
Martin Lang             Langs Natural Stone.                    0274999623   South Island
Vaughan Uttly          VaughnUttley  Stonemasonry.      02102306933. North Island
Daniel Hitchcock      Daniel Hitchcock Stonemasonry. 021412731   North Island
Todd Uttinger           ATD Stonemasons.                      021688290. North Island
Duncan Berry          Berry Stone Work Ltd.                  0210710384. North Island
Joshua O'Connor    Stone Creations.                           021786632. North Island
Andrew Carr            NZ Stone Ltd.                               0274398758. North Island
Rod Freeman          Natural Enhancement Ltd.            0272484264. North Island
Tony Inwood .                                                               0273216145    South Island
Mike Carson.                                                                0272347441.  South Island
Paul Musson           Stone solutions                             021971840 South Island
phil Copland            Landscaping & Stone                   0272206227 South Isla
Stone Mason Association of New Zealand
30 Wintrebre Lane
North Island
New Zealand
0272 367 329
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